How to change a fuse

It’s really important that when an electrical issue occurs in the home that you do not attempt to correct the issue yourself and instead, seek the help of a professional. There are however, times when an issue can be resolved with the simple change of a fuse, however, if this doesn’t rectify the problem, we urge you to contact a professional electrical services company like ourselves. 

If, like many, you’re unfamiliar with fuses and how to change one, you’ll find this article helpful. 

A fuse acts as a protective component that cuts off any power within an appliance if the circuit overloads or if there’s an electrical fault. For example, a lamp that suddenly doesn’t switch on may need its fuse replacing. 

  1. You’ll often find the fuse in the fuse holder located inside the plug, whereby simply opening the cover with the tip of a flat-headed screwdriver will reveal exactly which fuse you’ll need to replace it with. 
  2. If there’s no fuse holder visible, unscrew the base of the plug – it could be located inside. 
  3. Remove the fuse from the plug. 
  4. Check the amperage of the old fuse and replace with the same amperage. 
  5. Reconnect the cover and test the appliance to see if the problem is resolved. 

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